Mondriaan jazz

12th of October 2019

Mondriaan Jazz Festival 2019 takes place on the 12th of October 2019 at PAARD and in Het Koorenhuis in The Hague (NL). The festival will kick off with a special opening concert in Het Koorenhuis on Friday the 11th of October.

Mondriaan Jazz is a progressive festival with a cutting-edge touch. The thrilling and contemporary line-up explores the boundaries between different genres and closely monitors the future of (jazz) music in all its forms and sizes. Mondriaan Jazz is a voyage of discovery where unique collaborations take place, international debuts are made and special new groups are curated.

MJAZZ 2019 Themes
During this third edition, artists from different corners of the world are brought together, who are guaranteed to be all part of the sound of today and tomorrow. In addition to progressive jazz, hip-hop and soul from New York and London and contemporary jazz from Latin America, Mondriaan Jazz Festival also pays attention to jazz and technology, in which innovation and technological applications in (jazz) music are highlighted in various different ways.

On Friday the 11th of October 2019, on the eve of the big festival day, Mondriaan Jazz and ProJazz will jointly present an opening concert by Phronesis in Het Koorenhuis. To attend this performance, you can purchase “Plus” combi tickets which will give access to both the Mondriaan Jazz Festival and the opening concert prior to the big festival day. Danish double bass player Jasper Høiby, British pianist Ivo Neame and Swedish drummer Anton Eger worked together on a band that makes progressive acoustic music, while at the same time sounding clear and simple, despite the fact that it is all ingeniously constructed. Phronesis guarantees catchy themes, powerful compositions and stimulating grooves and has been creating an international furore for years. “One of the most exciting bands in the world” according to Jazzwise and therefore an absolute must see for fans of inspiring, creative jazz.

This year NPO Soul & Jazz is the official media partner of the Mondriaan Jazz Festival. Prior to MJAZZ 2019, a series of specials will be made by the radio station in which performing artists will be highlighted. Furthermore, there is a preview of the festival with recordings from the last edition, well-known people of the channel present some of the stages during MJAZZ and the concerts at the two halls of PAARD are recorded. These recordings will be part of the NPO Soul & Jazz programme in the period after the festival.