‘A renaissance man’ is one way to describe social activist, visual artist and musician Tumi Mogorosi. And he’s just a broadly oriented, musically. Whether it’s jazz or gospel, improv or classical music. South African drummer Tumi Mogorosi plays it all in his (very deep) pocket. No wonder he’s Shabaka Hutching’s rhythmic weapon of choice. Make sure to give Tumi a warm welcome when he sets foot on Dutch soil for the very first time. Tumi will make sure to make it a memorable first visit, by bringing his latest project along with him: Group Theory: Black Music.


Group Theory: Black Music

Group Theory: Black Music conveys black emancipation in 2022 through epic, compelling storytelling and improvisations. The project consists of a 9 piece band, spiritually armored with a South African choir so things are about to get deeply ethereal at Mondriaan!