Thanks to their original line-up of trombone, electric guitar, double bass and drums, N∆BOU is a breath of fresh air on the Belgian jazz scene. On the trombone, band leader and composer Nabou Claerhout is looking for a sound all her own: by means of all sorts of effects, she creates a dreamy musical framework with a strong atmospheric and melancholic resonance.


You Know‘… it’s good

After their first outing with debut EP ‘Hubert’ – which got nominated for the Sabam For Culture Award – the band refined that special sound further on their first full album ‘You Know’.
Exploring all corners of their ever expanding musical universe during eight great tracks, N∆BOU is fusing warm and narrative melodies with softly distorted guitars on opening track ‘Black Light’, combining suprisingly playful and sunny sounds with a robust rhythm section on songs like ‘You Know’ and ‘Who Owns What’ and putting the ballad-esque composition ‘Will We Remember You’ alongside some more experimental ideas. The total musical picture is endlessly intriguing and truly kaleidoscopic from the very first listen.


Lush and intimate sounds are alternated with strongly rhythmically based compositions, while groovy bass riffs from Trui Amerlinck, Mathias Vercammen’s elaborated drum patterns and the modern, virtuoso guitar play of Roeland Celis play their part as well in this musical adventure full of highlights – all created in combination with Claerhout’s distinctive trombone playing “that sings, cries, pulsates, tells and knows how to make many hearts week through well-constructed contemporary pieces”.


Nabou Claerhout: trombone
Roeland Celis: electric guitar
Trui Amerlinck: double bass
Mathias Vercammen: drums