The cream of the avant-garde and free jazz crop, Gard Nilssen is coming to The Hague for an exclusive show with a 19(!?) piece orchestra. Individually, his fearless, free-spirited,  progressive, energetic and looooong compositions are known to transport those in attendance to otherworldly dimensions. This is exactly why he’s raking in the awards and many consider him as one of the best drummers of his generation. Now imagine that, but with 19 other supersonic musicians next to him…


His ‘Supersonic’ Orchestra

Gard’s Supersonic Orchestra is a unique mix of the top of the Norwegian jazz scene. October 8th will be a very monumental and exclusive moment in time. Gard Nilssen rarely plays live with this orchestra and, to top it of, he’ll bring his 19-piece band to the Netherlands for the first time ever. Do you feel special yet?


Petter Eldh: double bass
Ole Morten Vågan: double bass
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten: double bass
Eirik Hegdal: saxophone
Per ”Texas” Johansson: saxophone
Kjetil Møster: saxophone
Mette Rasmussen: saxophone
Maciej Obara: saxophone
André Roligheten: saxophone
Signe Emmeluth Krunderup : saxophone
Thomas Johansson: trumpet
Goran Kajfes: trumpet
Erik Johannessen: trombone
Guro Kvåle: trombone
Håkon Mjåset Johansen: drums
Hans Hulbækmo: drums
Gard Nilssen: drums