The Norwegian 7-piece band Fieh is ready to unleash the follow-up to their 2019 debut album, Cold Water Burning Skin. The band continues in the same vein, although simultaneously broadening their spectrum. Still centered around the groove, Fieh’s new music includes the funk bangers that initially introduced the band, but also more experimental and orchestral songs. Citing The Roots, Joni Mitchell, Erykah Badu, The Beatles and Solange as inspirations should give a hint as to what Fieh sounds like. Brimming with creativity and supported by a funky backbone, it’s still the songs that are the foundation. The lyrics revolve around mundane themes of everyday life, incidents, people and love – real stories from real life.


Have you met her friends?

Fieh is a 9-piece band led by vocalist Sofie Tollefsbøl. But even more than that: Fieh is a group of friends. They honed their skills and musical vision from countless hours of playing together and talking about music. Over the years, they’ve morphed into an ensemble where each member brings their own specific personality, talent, background and taste to the stage, combining them effortlessly into a powerful live act – which you’ll get to see on October 7th in Koorenhuis!