London based saxophonist, composer and arranger Chelsea Carmichael is an understated innovator and educator, quietly adding her own contribution to the iteration of jazz. She’s a warm and hypnotic player, who brings subtle and considered improvisation to everything she does. “I’m trying to serve the music in two senses. In real time, on the bandstand, by asking ‘what does the music require, what can I bring?’ But also in terms of how to move music forward. The nature of jazz is that it always moves forward and always changes. I’ll be trying to move the music forward for the rest of my life.” 


A Native Rebel

Primo cultural instigator Shabaka Hutchings noted her potential and invited her to record for his brand new label Native Rebel and even wrote a set of songs for her, which she worked up with Eddie Hick (Sons of Kemet), Dave Okumu (The Invisible) and Tom Herbert (The Invisible; Polar Bear). These recordings ended up being her 2021 debut album The River Doesn’t Like Strangers and also the first release on Native Rebel.