About This Project

Spirit Fingers is the brainchild of a striking new appearance in jazz, LA-based keyboardist Greg Spero. Up until 2018 Spero was musical director and keyboard player alongside superstar Halsey, until he decided to pursue his love for improvised music and jazz. He formed a contemporary super group called Spirit Fingers featuring Hadrien Feraud (John McLaughlin, Chick Corea) on bass, guitarist Dario Chiazzolino (Yellowjackets, Billy Cobham) and the young virtuoso drummer Mike Mitchell (Blaque Dynamite, Stanley Clarke, Christian McBride). On their debut album, released in 2018, the group reveals a surprising sound, portraying strong pop melodies, virtuosity and challenging improvisations, reminiscent of groups such as GoGo Penguin and E.S.T. Another international debut for #MJAZZ18!

Greg Spero (piano); Hadrien Feraud (bass); Dario Chiazzolino (guitar); Mike Mitchell (drums)


Koorenhuis | Theatre | Time: 20:15 – 21:15 hrs.