Shai Maestro Trio (IL/USA)

Shai Maestro
About This Project

Unfortunately it is not longer possible to make reservations for the opening concert with Shai Maestro in Koorenhuis. All seats have been filled up! We kindly advise you not to come over to Koorenhuis on October 12 without a valid reservation, since capacity is strictly limited. Those lucky ones who succeeded to make a reservation are welcome at Koorenhuis from 19:00 hrs. Please bring your festival ticket(s).

Shai Maestro is widely praised as one of the great pianists of his generation. As the latest addition to the acclaimed record label ECM, Shai Maestro is included in the list of famous jazz pianists who have a lasting influence on jazz music, such as Keith Jarrett, Paul Bley and Chick Corea. October 12 is also the official release date of the new album of this New York-based pianist and his solid trio. In his compositions he mixes jazz with various influences, a.o. from his native country Israel, focusing on strong melodies and virtuoso playing.

Shai Maestro (piano); Barak Mori (double bass); Ofri Nehemya (drums)

Koorenhuis | Theatre | 20:30 hrs. (start show)