SEED Ensemble

Line up: Cassie Kinoshi (alto saxophone & composer) – Miguel Gorodi (trumpet) – Sheila Maurice-Grey (trumpet) – Chelsea Carmichael (tenor saxophone & flute) – Joe Bristow (trombone) – Theon Cross (tuba) – Deschanel Gordon (piano / Rhodes) – Shirley Tetteh (guitar) – Rio Kai (double bass) – Patrick Boyle (drums) – XANA (poetry & spoken word) – Mr. Ekow (poetry & spoken word) – Cherise Adams-Burnett (vox)

SEED Ensemble is a 13-piece London-based group led by the young and extremely talented composer Cassie Kinoshi. Kinoshi is an award-winning composer, arranger and alto-saxophonist who is best known for her work with London Symphony Orchestra, but also more contemporary jazz groups like Kokoroko and Nerija. Kinoshi also explores and works in theatre, film and contemporary dance movements.

The SEED Ensemble project presents a stellar all-star line-up featuring some of London’s most up-and-coming young jazz musicians, including tuba player Theon Cross, tenor saxophonist Chelsea Carmichael and guitarist Shirley Tetteh. Combining jazz with inner-city London, West-African and Caribbean influenced grooves, SEED explores a blend of genres through original compositions. Their debut release in 2019, Driftglass (jazz re:freshed), features a track which won a prestigious BASCA (British Composer Award) in 2018.

”Driftglass is an impressive record with a whole host of great musicians reflecting the current London jazz scene, and some excellent compositions by Cassie Kinoshi. Seed Ensemble are off to a running start with this debut.”
Jazz Journal – 2019


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