Opening concert Friday 11th of October (in collaboration with ProJazz)

Line up: Jasper Høiby – double bass - Ivo Neame – piano - Anton Eger – drums

We have the honour to start Mondriaan Jazz with an opening concert of Phronesis on Friday the 11th of October in Het Koorenhuis, co-organised by ProJazz. Danish double bass player Jasper Høiby, British pianist Ivo Neame and Swedish drummer Anton Eger created a band that crafts innovative acoustic music, sounding clear and simple. Nevertheless, it is very ingenious. The band was formed ten years ago in London out of the Loop Collective; a platform for like-minded young musicians.

Phronesis is conquering the international music scene with catchy themes, powerful compositions and provocative grooves. The compositions contain many rhythmic layers and ostinato patterns. Høiby and Eger constantly make sure the music is tight and pulsating. Eger is a resourceful drummer who can improvise like no one else. Ivo Neame likes to surprise the audience with enigmatic passages and loves to show you his Herbie Hancock-like approach of playing.

Their album Alive (2010) has been claimed to be the best jazz album of the year by renowned jazz magazines. The trio released their seventh album We Are All in September 2018 for Edition Records. This band is a wonderful addition to Mondriaan Jazz Festival and cannot be missed!

One of the most exciting bands worldwide.” – Jazzwise

Look out for Phronesis. They might change your life” – BBC Radio 3

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