Makaya McCraven ‘Universal Beings’ (USA)

feat. miguel atwood-ferguson, jeff parker, brandee younger, soweto kinch, junius paul & ben lamar gay (usa)
About This Project

A contemporary super group specially curated for MJAZZ18, around one of the most in-demand and versatile drummers of today: Makaya McCraven. The group will include Jeff Parker (Tortoise, Chicago Underground), Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (Dr. Dre, J Dilla, Flying Lotus), Brandee Younger, Soweto Kinch, Junius Paul and Ben LaMar Gay.

Makaya McCraven is praised as the revolutionary leader of the new Chicago avant-garde, in which electronics, hip-hop and jazz are brought together in an innovative way. In the past, Makaya collaborated with greats as Archie Shepp and Yussef Lateef and opened for WuTang Clan, 50 Cent and more, but definitively made his mark with his groundbreaking album “In The Moment”, which appeared on the equally groundbreaking label International Anthem. Here, Makaya took over 48 hours of jams that he chopped up and pasted into the “Bitches Brew” album of today. After the success of that album in 2016, Makaya recorded the analogue album Highly Rare (2017), and meanwhile recorded more impro-sessions in different cities, with various kindred spirits. The festival brings together the spirit and musicians of those recorded sessions for a one-off and unique concert, improvised and cutting-edge.

Makaya McCraven (drums, ableton); Junius Paul (bass); Jeff Parker (guitar), Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (violin), Brandee Younger (harp), Ben Lamar Gay (cornet, effects), Soweto Kinch (saxophone, spoken word)

PAARD | Main Stage | Time: 23:15 – 00:45 hrs.