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About This Project

Cortex doesn’t play the jazz of the cerebral kind – their latest album “Avant-Garde Party Music” (Clean Feed) leans heavy on the more free expressive forms of hard bop. Avant-garde so to speak, but you can still party with it. This group grooves and swings like hell. Not in a conventional way. Do give yourself the opportunity to give your mind and body a good shake. Having the transitional years going from bop to free as reference, it’s natural that you’ll hear the influence of Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler and Don Cherry. Cortex is a Scandinavian band, and as such the music has a twist, the same you’ve found before in groups like The Thing, Atomic and The Core: a sort of hyper-realism.

Thomas Johansson (trumpet); Kristoffer Alberts (saxophones); Ola Høyer (double bass); Gard Nilssen (drums)


PAARD | Paardcafé Stage |
Time: 22:15 – 23:15 hrs.