About This Project

Ben LaMar Gay is a composer / cornetist / vocalist / producer who moves components of sound, color and space through folkloric filters to produce brilliant electro-acoustic collages. Gay released his debut album ‘Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun’ earlier this year on the infamous Chicago based label International Anthem. The unification of various styles always serves the complete picture and is never a pretentious display of technique. His musical influences derive from his collection of experiences in the Americas (North, Central and South) and the gathered data channeled by technology and its amplifying accessibility. The fact that the world is closer via technology and that everyone has access to the possibility of exploring different ideas, makes his avant-garde version of “Americana” very global. Embracing international vision while remaining true to his roots, Ben’s creative output aligns with the honest notion that he only knows how to be a man from the South side of Chicago. Active in both the vibrant experimental scenes in Chicago and Brazil, Ben LaMar has worked with George Lewis, Theo Parrish, Waajeed (Slum Village), Mike Reed, Steve Spacek, Mark Pritchard (Africa Hi-Tech), Bixiga70 and the Association of the Advancement of Creative Musicians, to name a few.

Ben LaMar Gay (cornet, effects, spoken word); the rest tbc.


PAARD | Second Stage | Time: 20:15 – 21:15 hrs