Art Ensemble of Chicago - 50th Anniversary

Line up: Roscoe Mitchell (saxes and flute) - Don Moye (drums, percussion) - Hugh Ragin (trumpet, piccolo trumpet and flugelhorn) - Tomeka Reid (cello) - Brett Carson (piano) - Silvia Bolognesi (double bass) - Junius Paul (double bass, percussion) - Dudu Kouaté (African percussion)

Art Ensemble of Chicago is one of the most celebrated avant-garde and free jazz collectives today. This very special collective emerged from founder Roscoe Mitchell’s musical vision, explorations and adventurous collaborations in Chicago, coming from the renowned Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) in the 1960s.

The Art Ensemble of Chicago is renowned for its integration of musical styles that span the history of jazz, ancient African folklore and multi-instrumental group improvisations. Their musical universe is enhanced by the creative use of unique sounds and percussions: small instruments, traditional hand and stick drums, whistles, horns, bells, chimes, vibes, marimba, gongs of all sizes and an array of homemade sound objects. For each individual musician, they all serve as an extension of their personality on their principal instruments.

Their live performances of original compositions, collectively written by all members, also include elaborate costumes, face paint, props, theatre, poetry, dance and more to create a visual, auditory and sensual spectacle.

This is the second time in 26 years that the Art Ensemble will visit the Netherlands, now for a special and exclusive Dutch concert at MJAZZ19!

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