Mondriaan Jazz Festival

Piet Mondriaan’s love for jazz music inspired his work and spawned a new era in art. Mondriaan Jazz Festival is Piet’s artistic approach remixed into a cutting edge music festival. All performing artists are handpicked straight out of Mondriaan’s fictitious but deep record bag. The common denominator? They all adhere to Mondriaan’s mantra of exploration and experimentation. Labels like ‘young’, ‘old’, ‘famous’ or ‘unknown’ become irrelevant at Mondriaan Jazz Festival. Only thing that counts is: The Style.

On October 7 and 8, Paard and will be filled to the brim with cutting edge performers who push boundaries and smash dogmas.


Mondriaan Jazz Festival made possible by Paard, Good Music Company, and Royal Conservatory The Hague.

Media partners are Jazzism and NTR.

Programming: Henk Koolen (Paard) & Mike Bindraban & Jurjen Mooiweer (Good Music Company)
Marketing: Paard & Vinod Singh (10X10)